With the death of my Tumblr page in 2018, this will be the place to see my works. There's tons of old art I want to redraw/color. Note: Anything goes here, but there won't be any ponies here.


MerMane 6WallflowerAppleDash 01Princess CelestiaSunset Shimmer X Sci-Twi 01Sonata DuskSour SweetSunset Shimmer x Sci-Twi 02A lot of sexy girlsStarlight Glimmer Alts

Black and White
This is where black and white requests, commissions, etc. go.
Dominatrix Rarity and FluttershyCelestiaPunk Rarity and Twilgiht Sparkle


Very rare when I do these...
Enjoying the Sunset Comic

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The Hunters of Salamanstra
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