Welcome to the Gallery! Here you will find fan art of sexy, cute girls from various series. If you want to suggest a girl, contact me! The more obscure the girl is, the more likely I'll draw her.

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Brand New Animal
Michiru KagemoriMichiru x Nazuna HiwatashiMichiru Kagemori

Kill La Kill
Ryuko X Satsuki Kill la Kill 01
Ryuko X Satsuki Kill la Kill 02Ryuko Matoi 01Ryuko Matoi 02Ryuko x Satsuki 03Happy New Year 2021
Project A-Ko
A-Ko from Project A-Ko
Ranma 1/2
Ranma x Akane
Sailor Moon
Sailor JupiterSailor MarsSailor Mercury x Sailor JupiterGrownup Chibi Usa

Maetel Galaxy Express 999Nice Holystone from BaccanoFour Murasame from GundamSera VictoriaSaber and RizaAmanda 'O NeillSinon from Sword Art Online 2Sirene from DevilmanNurse HitomiLucy X ErzaShiris x DeedlitAisha Clan Clan from Outlaw StarCacao

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The Hunters of Salamanstra
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